Welcome! You are about to enter a magical land! A magical land where your dreams, wishes and imagination can come to life! Remember how much fun it was to sit and play with barbies or other little toys when you were young? No cell phone, no tablets, no computers to take up our time, nope, we went outside, played in the sand, mud, what have you, and we knew when it was time to go home simply by the dimming of the sun! Much simpler times for sure!
My efforts in bringing you here are quite simple! I want to take you back in time (or fast forward, again, this is all about imagination) to a place you loved, or to a place you would love to be!
The best way to start your very own fairy garden is to decide on a theme or topic - once you know the subject of your garden, choosing the items to put in it will come easily. As with most occasions in life, we rely on a theme to get the ball rolling. Princesses, pirates, sweet 16, over the hill? Do you dream of having a beach house, or love the lake as a child? How about that Victorian Charm garden? Instead of buying flowers, Victorian-age ladies filled their yards with lots of flowers creating floral borders with stepping stone walkways, birdbaths, fountains and cast iron furniture.

Whatever your dream for your garden, I am here to help you in the process! Don’t hesitate to reach out to me to ask about tips, plants or other miniatures in your Fairy Garden. Browse the assortment, and choose your favorites - and remember again, the only limit is your imagination!

Have fun, be a kid, be an adult with dreams! Most of all be Happy!

Much love,
Your Florist - Fairy Godmother,

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